Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Body Black (DC-G9EE-K)

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Super-realistic photos with a resolution of 20.3 megapixels

Possessing the highest image quality that the LUMIX G9 cameras have ever had, will give odds to any camera, and these are not all its advantages! Regardless of the level of natural lighting, the 20.3-megapixel Live MOS digital sensor without the low-pass filter provides excellent sharpness and an incredibly wide dynamic range. Everything fits in this compact body: incredible speed, ease of operation, reliability and durability. When nature gives you only a split second to take the perfect shot, the LUMIX G9 will be your ideal partner. This camera really deserves to be yours.

Venus Engine Beauty processor

Thanks to the alliance of the high-tech Live MOS sensor and the new Venus Engine Beauty processor, the camera transmits unimaginable color nuances and natural textures. Multi-pixel light generation and intelligent detailed data processing allow you to create bright and sharp images. Three-dimensional color management brings life to areas of deep and soft shadow, and the high-precision and multi-threaded noise reduction function of the NR maintains image clarity even at high ISO values.

Are your hands shaking? Get rid of blurry images at any settings.

It is difficult to constantly maintain the stability of the camera when shooting with hands, but do not worry: thanks to the dual 5-axis image stabilizer Dual IS2, you will be helped by a truly intelligent compensation of the “shake”. It is equivalent to a 6.5-fold doubling of exposure time, which means that when shooting in the tele-range, you can choose a shutter speed of 6.5 stops longer. LUMIX G9 compensates for camera and lens jitter even in telezoom ** mode. Stabilization works both when taking photos, and when recording video, including in 4K resolution. The amazing power of the 5-axis image stabilizer in the camera body with a compensation of 6.5 stops allows even lenses that are not equipped with an optical image stabilization system (OIS) to be used.

Record amazingly detailed RAW images with a resolution of 80 MP

High-resolution shooting mode allows you to record RAW images with a resolution of 80 megapixels. The camera takes 8 pictures using a 20.3-megapixel sensor, and then combines them into one big shot. This professional feature is quite popular when taking photos for exhibitions.

4K 60p / 50p video shooting with impeccable quality

LUMIX G9 raises the performance of professional shooting to a new level with the ability to record video with impeccable quality at 4K 60p / 50p resolution (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160 / MP4). In addition, high-speed video mode allows you to shoot video with impressive slowdowns in 4K resolution (max. 60 fps, 2-fold slowdown) or Full-HD (max. 180 fps, 6-fold slowdown).

Very fast autofocus and continuous shooting in AFC mode (continuous autofocus)

The innovative Panasonic DFD technology (depth of field from defocusing – DOF) is constantly evolving and becoming even better. DFD allows the LUMIX G9 to compute the focal length movement by comparing the depth of field in two images at incredible speeds. The combination of a fast autofocus drive and a maximum reading speed of 480 fps gives the LUMIX G9 one of the fastest autofocus on the market, which can be up to 0.04 seconds, and also the fastest burst speed in the world at 20 fps in AFC mode ( continuous).

Don’t miss an important shot with continuous shooting at 6K / 4K resolution

Take an unlimited series of frames, and then choose exactly the pictures that you need. 6K PHOTO * mode with a shooting speed of 30 fps will allow you to save perfect moments with a resolution of 18 Mp. Super-high-speed 4K PHOTO mode with a 60 fps shooting speed stops even the fastest motion that you can’t catch with a regular camera. LUMIX G9 really makes the moments unforgettable.

Largest zoom ratio of 0.83x in the OLED LVF viewfinder in the mirrorless camera class

The OLED viewfinder with an ultra-high resolution of 3 680 0000 pixels transmits a gorgeous picture and guarantees perfect framing even in direct sunlight. A high magnification factor of 0.83x (equivalent to 35 mm camera) makes it easy to see small details, settings and icons, and a distance of 21 mm to the viewpoint makes it easier for those who wear glasses. And most importantly, the OLED viewfinder ensures that you are shooting exactly what you wanted.

Improved focus area detection and AF autofocus

Directly under the lock button AF / AE in the camera LUMIX G9 is a joystick control. With it, you can easily select focus blocks inside the focus area grid. The autofocus area of ​​work has been significantly increased from 49 (conventional LUMIX G cameras) to 225 points, which provides additional flexibility in selecting tracks. Custom Multi AF mode allows you to select any array of points within the 225-zone focus area.

Large LCD Information Screen

The information LCD screen for the first time allows you to quickly check the settings of the camera LUMIX. It is convenient when shooting with frequently changing settings, and also simplifies cropping using the viewfinder and the screen. Also useful when shooting in low light conditions, such as at night, when light from the screen may interfere.

Fn lever – to personalize user settings

Convenient for use with the thumb of the left hand. The Fn lever allows you to go to the settings in the favorites menu. Great for instant switching between RAW and JPEG shooting modes or changing the mode between color and monochrome images right during shooting. Allows you to change user settings exactly as convenient for the photographer.

Moisture / dust / frost resistant and robust design

The LUMIX G9 is a real tank that can withstand harsh field conditions. Thanks to frost resistance of up to -10 degrees, as well as a moisture / dustproof design, each of its connections, mode dial and buttons are ready to withstand severe weather conditions. The reinforced cast magnesium frame makes the camera body light and durable, combining reliability and compact dimensions. This camera can withstand all that you can withstand.

Powered via USB will help to extend the shooting time

The camera supports power via USB. Since you can continue shooting by connecting to the charger. You no longer need to worry about the battery charge and you can fully concentrate on the shooting process. It is an extremely important function for shooting wildlife, in which it is often necessary to wait a very long time for the perfect shot.

High performance shutter

The guaranteed number of shutter releases is approximately 200 thousand times. It not only provides a high response speed (max. 1/8000 seconds) when shooting fast-moving objects and fleeting events, but also a nice blur of the frame when using lenses with a fast aperture even when shooting outdoors.

  • Design

    • Camera type
    • Interchangeable lens support
      Micro 4/3 mount
    • Optics type
      Detachable lens sold separately (Body)
    • Viewfinder type
    • Built-in flash
    • Tripod mount
    • Body material
      Magnesium alloy
    • Dirt and water protection
  • Matrix

    • Total Megapixels
    • Effective megapixels
    • Matrix format
      17.3 x 13.0 mm
    • Matrix technology
      Live MOS
    • Crop factor
    • Matrix self-cleaning system
  • Photography

    • Number of focus points
    • Autofocus backlight
    • Shooting modes
      Auto, shutter-priority auto exposure, aperture-priority auto exposure, Manual (photo and video)
    • Shooting panoramas
    • HDR shooting
    • Self-timer (timer)
      2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds
    • Digital zoom
    • Image stabilization
      Optical, Shift Matrix
  • Snapshot options

    • Maximum image size in pixels
      5184 x 3888
    • Aspect ratio
      16: 9
    • Photo File Format
  • Lighting processing

    • ISO sensitivity minimum
      Auto, 100
    • Maximum ISO sensitivity
      Auto, 3200
    • Extended ISO
      ISO100, ISO6400, ISO12800, ISO25600
    • White balance
      Auto, Custom, Bracketing, Listed
    • Exposure Correction
      ± 5 EV in 1/3 EV increments
    • Exposure metering
      Matrix, Spot, Center Weighted
  • Lens

    • Maximum aperture
      Depends on the lens
    • Minimum aperture
      Depends on the lens
    • Shutter speed range
      60 – 1/8000 s
    • Optical zoom
      Depends on the lens
    • Focal length
      Depends on the lens
    • Shooting distance
      Depends on the lens
    • Manual focus
      Depends on the lens
    • Lens features
      Without lens (Body)
  • Flash

    • Red-eye reduction mode
    • Flash Modes
      Front-curtain sync, slow sync, rear-curtain sync, red-eye reduction, slow sync with red-eye reduction, slow rear-curtain sync, off
  • Videography

    • Video resolution
      4K (3840×2160)
    • Shooting duration
      30 min
    • Frame rate per second
      50/60 frames / s with a resolution of 1920×1080, 50/60 frames / s with a resolution of 3840×2160
    • Silent focusing
    • Approaching while shooting
    • Stereo microphone
  • Display

    • Display diagonal
      3.0 “
    • Swivel display
    • Touchscreen
  • Connections

    • Memory card slot
      SD, SDHC, SDXC
    • Interfaces
      HDMI, USB 3.0
    • Wireless connections
      Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    • GPS
    • Ability to connect the remote control
    • Ability to connect an external flash
    • Connecting an external microphone
  • Autonomy

    • Battery
      Own Li-ion battery
  • Dimensions and equipment

    • Contents of delivery
      Camera; Charger; Battery; Network cable; USB cable; Case cover; Cable holder; Shoulder strap; Shoe cover; Eyepiece
    • Lens included
    • Body color
      The black
    • Dimensions
      137 x 97 x 92 mm
    • Weight
      579 g
    • Series
      Lumix DC-G9
    • Additional Information
      LCD display resolution: 1040000 pixels; Flash range: 4.5 m; Battery type: Li-Ion; Battery capacity: 1860 mAh; Aperture bracketing, focus bracketing; 6K high-speed shooting

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