Headphones Beats Studio 3 Wireless Over-Ear

    • Headphone view
      Full size
    • Headset
    • Mount
    • Acoustic design
      Closed type

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Adaptive Noise Reduction

The Pure ANC system continuously detects and blocks external sounds, automatically responding to changes in fit and music playback.


Sound ergonomics

Soft full-size ear cushions are well ventilated and rotate for the most comfortable fit and additional sound insulation.


Real-time audio calibration

The Pure ANC system selects the optimal playback parameters and ensures a clear and wide range of sound, as well as the transfer of the smallest shades of the performers’ voices, so that you get real listening pleasure.


Get connected and enjoy powerful sound.

Listen to new music with Beats and Apple. Wireless headband headphones with Beats Studio3 Wireless are equipped with an Apple W1 chip.


All day every day

The battery lasts for 22 hours, so you can listen to music wirelessly all day long in full-featured mode.

By turning off the Pure ANC, you can extend the battery life up to 40 hours without sacrificing sound quality.


Charge and use

With Fast Fuel technology, 10 minutes of recharging is enough for 3 hours of listening to music.



Top-quality Bluetooth® connectivity

Bluetooth® Class 1 technology is a wider coverage area and more reliable connection. So, you can listen to music and at the same time move freely.


Instant switching

Owners of devices with iOS 10 or iOS 11 can easily switch between devices registered in iCloud. This means that switching from talking on the iPhone to watching a movie on a MacBook is easy and convenient.

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  • Sound quality

    • Minimum reproducible frequency
      20 Hz
    • Maximum reproducible frequency
      20 kHz
    • Emitter
    • Active noise cancellation system
  • Exploitation

    • Connection type
    • Wireless with cable support
    • Connection interface
      Bluetooth 3.5mm Plug
    • Length of cable
      1.2 m
    • Removable cable
    • Control buttons
      Button to accept / reject a call, Buttons for managing tracks, Volume control
    • Battery
      Built-in battery
    • Foldable design
    • Moisture protection
  • Dimensions and equipment

    • Weight
      260 g
    • Features
      Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANC); The function of turning on and off the system ANC; Playback using a RemoteTalk cable; LED charge level indicator; Micro USB Charging

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