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Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Gold

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Introducing Apple Watch Series 4.

Watches with a completely new design and new technologies. They help to lead an even more active lifestyle, better monitor health and stay in touch.


Absolutely new design

Changes that change everything. Series 4 is the Apple Watch with a completely new design and new technologies. Every detail is thought out in this watch: from the advanced architecture of the S4 processor to the particular bending of the corners in the enlarged display. The Apple Watch is an incredibly personal device that has become even more powerful.

The largest display of Apple Watch.

Just awesome.

The display is the most impressive part of the Apple Watch. The Series 4 is even more advanced. During its development, we set ourselves the task of increasing the display area, leaving the case dimensions and battery life almost unchanged. As a result, it was possible to make the frame around the screen thinner, and this allowed us to expand the working area by more than 30%. And thanks to the new LTPO technology, the display has turned out so energy efficient that you can use this watch without recharging for a whole day.

More beauty in every detail.

The edges of the display and its angles with a special bend ideally repeat the shape of the case. This design looks incredibly harmonious and creates a feeling of a continuous surface. And it also allowed to maximize the boundaries of the image and the touch screen area.

More data on every millimeter.

The new interface design takes advantage of the enlarged display. Now there is so much useful information and important details on the screen. For example, up to eight extensions can be placed on the “Infographic” dial. This means you have even more data and opportunities at hand.

What a twist.

The new wheel of the Digital Crown.

The Digital Crown wheel was created to simplify navigation on the Apple Watch and not overload the clock interface. During the development of the Apple Watch Series 4, the wheel mechanism was completely rethought. We literally made it again. For example, added a tactile response – the feeling of light clicks when scrolling.



A little big miracle.

This wheel has always been considered one of the most delicate solutions created by Apple engineers. The Digital Crown wheel in the Apple Watch Series 4 has become even more functional and tiny. Now he has 21% more components, while the whole structure has become 30% more compact.


Keep an eye on your heart.

The optical heart rate sensor was an important part of the Apple Watch right from the start, allowing you to track your heart rate. Now he can recognize when the heart rate remains too low for 10 minutes with no activity. In this case, the watch will trigger a low pulse warning. This situation can be caused by bradycardia – a disorder that can lead to serious consequences if the heart does not supply the body with a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood.

Big power in a compact form.

New Apple Watch has become better literally in everything. They are more powerful and at the same time more subtle. In addition, they can work without recharging up to 18 hours. *

  • Brand new S4 chip. Introducing S4. This is not just a processor. This is a complete System in Package (SiP) – a single component that contains many individual elements. Such architecture allowed us to fit impressive possibilities in a compact case of this watch. Apple Watch is the only product in the world that works exclusively on SiP.
  • Up to 2 times faster. The fourth-generation processor amazes with its speed.2 Applications open incredibly fast, the performance of the entire system has grown noticeably.
  • The speaker is 50% louder. He became bigger and more powerful. Therefore, the Apple Watch Series 4 has amazing sound quality. This is especially noticeable when using Siri voice assistant and the “Walkie-talkie” application. And moving the microphone to the other side made it possible to reduce the echo and increase the clarity of telephone conversations.


Proactive Health Monitor

Will feel. Take care. Will prompt.

Apple Watch Series 4 inspire to lead a healthier lifestyle. They help to cope with everyday stress and motivate to burn calories. Watch the heart rhythm and warn when there is cause for concern. And even automatically call the rescue service, if you suddenly fall. New Apple Watch created to take care of you and your health.

Your heart is in the spotlight.

Apple Watch Series 4 regularly checks your heart rate. So you can see how it changed during the day. And if your pulse suddenly becomes very low or very high, Apple Watch will immediately inform you about this.

Always on duty. Always with you.

Too strong or too weak a heartbeat can be a sign of a serious illness. But many do not notice these symptoms, so doctors are not always able to detect the cause on time. Apple Watch Series 4 regularly checks for heart rate and reports such deviations. So, you can contact the doctor in a timely manner.

All health indicators in one convenient application.

All information about the activity of the heart, as well as data from your applications for fitness and healthy lifestyle get into the app “Health” on the iPhone. There your indicators are highlighted in different colors and divided into four categories: activity, sleep, awareness, nutrition.

Drop detection.

Thanks to the new accelerometer and gyroscope, Apple Watch can recognize that you have fallen. Then a warning will appear on the screen that you can reject or use to call for help. If you do not respond within 60 seconds, Apple Watch will call the rescue service and send a message to your loved ones.

Emergency call – SOS.

The function “Emergency Call – SOS” will quickly come to the rescue in a difficult situation. If you turn it on, Apple Watch will call the rescue service and send a message to your loved ones with your geolocation. And the data of your “Medical card” will appear on the watch screen, so that doctors can navigate faster.

Deep breath. Calm mind

Try to take short breaks during the day to relax and give a little attention to the practice of mindfulness. This will reduce the level of everyday stress and improve overall well-being. The Breath app will help you focus and take a series of deep breaths. And with the new dials “Breath” this function is now always on your wrist.

Powerful training partner

At the peak of the form with you.


The Apple Watch Series 4 is more than a sports watch. This is a mentor who knows that you are running, swimming or yoga. This is a powerful partner for training, which displays the desired performance on the wrist. Thanks to the Apple Watch innovation, everyone can feel like a bit of an athlete.

Full set of workouts.

Apple Watch Series 4 is suitable for those who are seriously preparing for a marathon, and lovers of swimming in the pool. In the application “Training” there are many different modes, to which were added “Yoga” and “Hiking”. And you can also set goals, measure the number of calories burned and follow the progress in the activity application on the iPhone. You are ready? Then at the start.

Big step towards running.

Thanks to the new feature for runners, you will feel a touch on your wrist when you start moving faster or slower than the chosen pace. The new cadence indicator will tell you how many steps you are taking per minute. And the “sliding pace” function will allow you to find out the time of your current “split” at any second – for how much you have covered the last kilometer to date.

Get connected to smart fitness.

This watch can be connected to a compatible simulator with one touch. * For example, to a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper and others. This means that pulse, speed, calories and other indicators will be synchronized on both devices, and you will be able to follow the most current statistics on the Apple Watch.

Automatic recognition of workouts.

Apple Watch can recognize the most popular types of workouts. Therefore, if you begin to actively move, then soon the clock will offer to turn on the appropriate mode. In this case, already completed exercises will get into your statistics. And if then you forget to turn off “Training”, then Apple Watch will remind you about it.

Protection against water, spray and sweat.

Apple Watch Series 4 is not afraid of drops and splashes. With them you can dive to a depth of 50 meters.2 They are suitable for swimming in pools and open water. Coming out of the water, do not forget to twist the wheel of the Digital Crown, so that the sound vibrations remove excess moisture from the speaker.



Create a champion dial.

The new dial “Infograf” supports up to eight extensions simultaneously. This means you have more important and useful information on your wrist. For example, if you exercise often, create your ideal sports dial with the extensions Music, Pulse and others.

  • Weather. Find out the current temperature, as well as the maximum and minimum temperature for the next day, before you go for a run.
  • Music. Apple Music and Apple’s Podcasts will help keep you motivated.
  • Training. Add the Training app to the dial to open it faster.
  • Heart rhythm. Check the latest heart rate data or tap the Pulse app to get more information about heart function.



Music and podcasts will boost your workouts.

This watch has everything you need to increase motivation. At workout, you can include your favorite album or playlist from Apple Music. Or listen to the latest talk show release from Apple’s Podcasts app. *



Understand teammates.

There are many third-party fitness apps that you can use for your workouts. Moreover, the data from these applications are taken into account when filling in the Activity rings.


Advanced Activity Tracker

Motivation. Motivation. Motivation.



A detailed understanding of their physical activity helps to lead a healthier lifestyle. Apple Watch tracks your movements using three indicators: “Mobility”, “Exercises”, “Warm up”. They form rings of Activity, with the help of which it is convenient to monitor your statistics. Try to close these rings every day.

Challenge yourself by challenging a friend.

Give your friends access to the Activity rings. And they will see on their Apple Watch how energetic you are in training, on a walk or at sea. Try a new kind of competition: one on one. In this mode, the winner is the one who scores more than seven points in seven days. You will receive them depending on how many percent the rings are closed.

Personal trainer on your wrist.

While the competition is underway, special notifications will show the total score. And also to report on the change of leader and suggest what you need to do to win. Apple Watch will become your personal trainer: always remind you to close the rings at the end of the day and offer a new goal at the end of the month.

The reward always finds a hero.

For each victory you will receive a virtual prize. Trophies for success in the competition you will find on the new tab “Awards” in the application “Activity” on the iPhone.



Three rings. One goal.

“Mobility”, “Exercises”, “With a warm-up” – three rings of activity on the Apple Watch. They measure different types of your physical activity. With their help it is very convenient to monitor your statistics during the day.

  • “Mobility”. This ring shows how many active calories you have spent per day. Calories that you burn while driving are called active. For example, climbing stairs or playing with children.
  • “Exercises”. With this ring you can find out how many minutes a day you really moved energetically. Any intensive activity is taken into account: from a full workout to fast walking.
  • “Warm up.” A sedentary lifestyle can adversely affect health. Therefore, Apple Watch is motivated to do warm-ups – get up and move about a minute once an hour. And the ring shows your progress.



Wrist connection

Everything is important at hand.



You will not miss a long-awaited call or important notification. You will be able to exchange with a friend a couple of phrases on the radio. Favorite music and podcasts will always be with you. And Siri will hear you when you raise your hand. Thanks to Apple Watch Series 4, it’s so easy to stay in touch with loved ones, get important information and use your favorite content.

Staying connected is very easy.

Answer calls, send messages, listen to recordings on an answering machine — thanks to Apple Watch Series 4, this is easy to do right from the wrist.

Emergency call – SOS. Urgent communication directly from the wrist.

The function “Emergency Call – SOS” will help when you yourself can not call for help. If you turn it on, Apple Watch will call the rescue service and send a message to your loved ones with your geolocation. And also will display the data of your “Medkart” on the clock screen, so that doctors can navigate faster.

Reception ‑ reception. This application “Radio”.

Faster than dial a number. More directly than writing a message. A new exciting way to communicate for everyone who uses Apple Watch. This application “Radio”. Just click and speak. And then release and listen. How did you understand? Welcome!

Siri knows what you need.

Siri voice assistant is getting better. Now you do not need to say “Hi Siri”. Just lift your wrist and say what you want. And the more often you will use the Siri dial, now he will understand you more. And it will soon begin to show the appropriate options for action at the right time. For example, in the evening after work will offer to build a route home.


Listen to all that you love.

You can find over 50 million songs on Apple Music. And in the Apple Podcasts app, you can listen to talk shows, interviews, news, and more. Choose what will work out your workout better – energetic music or interesting facts. *

Pay quickly and safely.

With Apple Pay it is very convenient to pay for purchases: just bring the clock to the payment terminal, and the money will be debited from your bank card. At the same time, Apple Pay reliably protects your financial information.

There is a great view.

The enlarged display of the Apple Watch Series 4 holds much more data and important details. Cards open full screen. The calendar has become even more functional and more convenient.

Stay up to date. React immediately.

Now you can perform familiar actions in many of your favorite applications directly from the notifications.

  • General characteristics

    • Series
      Apple Watch Series 4
    • For whom
    • operating system
      Watch OS
    • OS compatibility
      Apple iOS
    • CPU
      Dual core s4
    • Built-in memory size
      16 GB
  • physical characteristics

    • Watch form
    • Body material
    • Strap material
  • Display

    • Display type
    • Display diagonal
      1.57 “
    • Display resolution
      324 × 394
    • Touchscreen
  • Exploitation

    • Strap length adjustment
    • Replaceable strap
    • Moisture and dust protection
  • Functionality

    • Monitoring
      Calories, Heart Rate, Physical Activity
    • GPS support
    • Sensors
      Barometric altimeter; Electric heart sensor; Optical heart rate sensor; Accelerometer; Gyroscope; Heart rate monitor; Pedometer; Ambient light sensor
  • Autonomy

    • Battery type
  • Dimensions and equipment

    • Dimensions
      40 x 34 x 10.7 mm
    • Weight
      30.1 g
    • Equipment
      Housing; Sports strap; Charging cable with magnetic mount (1 m); 5W USB power adapter
    • Features
      Water resistant to a depth of 50 m2; Ion-X glass of high strength; Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz); Bluetooth 5.0; watchOS 5; Up to 18 hours of battery life; Built-in support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS; Apple W3 Wireless Chip; OLED LTPO display with Retina and Force Touch technologies (1000 cd / m²); Digital Crown wheel with tactile feedback; Louder speaker; The back panel is made of ceramic and sapphire glass;

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