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Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Black

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At a new height

Smart tips about physical activity. Advanced application “Pulse”. Favorite playlists right on your wrist. Built-in altimeter. And a more powerful processor, thanks to which Siri on the clock can talk. We present Apple Watch Series 3. They have more than ever many useful functions that motivate you to new achievements, help you to be more active and allow you to stay connected.


Amazing sports watch. Bleed your workout.



GPS and altimeter. Further, higher, faster.



Favorite wrist playlists. Motivation at the limit.




Protected from water. They submit to the sea. And pools.


Application “Training”
From easy walks to intense loads.


Stunning sports watch

For the first time, Apple Watch is equipped with an altimeter. Together with the built-in GPS-module, this allows Apple Watch Series 3 to measure the performance of any sports on the street. In the updated application “Training” is a mode of interval training and the ability to automatically mark the circles during the voyage. And the music on your wrist is now even more – the motivation will be prohibitive.


GPS module and altimeter. Further, higher, faster.

Favorite wrist playlists. Motivation at the limit.

Built-in GPS-module records the distance, speed and route during training outdoors. An altimeter tracks ascents and descents, whether it is a hike in the mountains or a run in the city. At home, you can study in detail all the statistics on the iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch Series 3, then you now have even more music with you. Your favorite Apple Music playlists automatically appear in the Music app on your watch. So the motivation for training will be the maximum.



More indicators. More motivation.

Get connected to smart fitness.

You can measure the performance of all popular types of workouts indoors and outdoors. For example, there are modes for running, swimming, cycling, and even interval training. These modes can be quickly switched when you are in different disciplines. Upon completion, you will receive one consolidated report. With just one tap, you can connect your watch to any compatible simulator. Thanks to this, all the most important indicators – heart rate, speed, calorie consumption – will be fully synchronized. So, the results of your training will be as accurate as possible.


They submit to the sea. And pools.

Your progress is clearly visible.

Apple Watch Series 3 is protected from water and is suitable for both the pool and for swimming in open water. After a workout, the watch pushes the remaining water out of the speaker with the help of sound vibrations. As with the data of any physical activity during the day, the indicators of your workouts are taken into account using three rings – “With a warm-up”, “Mobility” and “Exercises”. And you can see the history of filling the rings and performing workouts on the iPhone.


Your favorite apps.

Whatever you do – circuit training, weightlifting or yoga – you can continue to use your favorite applications. In this case, the rings of the “Activity” application will also be filled.

Nike + Run Club. Detailed indicators, “Audio Run” mode with trainer tips and motivating messages will help make your workouts more regular and effective.

ViewRanger. The application with many walking routes around the world, detailed navigation and the ability to track current performance.

Seven. Choose an individual plan to improve the effectiveness of training. Just set a goal and proceed. In this case, simulators and other equipment will not be needed.

YogaGlo. Do yoga at home or while traveling. The training program is updated daily. A rug is all you need.

Ace tennis Play tennis, work on the power and speed of the feed, and the application will help you analyze the movements of the hand.

My Swim Pro. Want to improve your swimming technique? Make a training plan and simply follow the prompts of a virtual trainer.

Smart activity tracker.
Three rings. One goal.


Active tips. When it’s time to shake it up.


The “Share Activity” function. Compete with your friends. Motivate each other.


Progress. Celebrate your success with Apple Watch.


Smart activity tracker

Apple Watch Series 3 keeps track of your movements throughout the day, be it a walk with the kids, a workout in the gym or a business meeting across the city.

Hit your friends with your activity rings.

Celebrate your success with Apple Watch.

Open up your activity rings to friends and family to compare performance and motivate each other. You will receive notifications about their progress, and they – about yours. And you can exchange motivating or joking messages. When you manage to fill the ring or achieve the goal, Apple Watch Series 3 celebrates this event with a bright full-screen animation. And for personal records, a series of high results and the achievement of main goals, you will receive virtual rewards.


Sit less. Move more. Exercise more often.

Active tips. When it’s time to shake it up.

For people in wheelchairs. Fitness to everyone.

Three graphic rings show your activity throughout the day and motivate you to move more. You will immediately realize that you are late. And find out how many steps and calories burned. You will find it easier to find 30 minutes a day for exercise – after all, you don’t have to do them all at once. As a real personal trainer, Apple Watch Series 3 will constantly motivate you. In the morning you will receive a report on your progress, in the evening – a hint that will help close the rings. And based on your activity and training data, the watch will offer you a new goal every month. Apple Watch Series 3 are able to record the physical activity of people traveling in wheelchairs. To improve accuracy, various techniques and conditions of movement are taken into account. And in the application “Training” appeared two types of training in a wheelchair.


Powerful device for health
Treat your body wisely.



The application “Pulse”
Watch your heart. When walking, after sports and not only.


Appendix “Breath”
Mind calms down. The body relaxes.



Third-party health apps
Drink more water. Sleep better. Be healthy.


The Health app on the iPhone.
All indicators of health and fitness in one application.


Powerful device for health

Apple Watch Series 3 is always on your wrist, so it’s easier to monitor your health with them. You can control your heart rate and cope with everyday stress. And even install additional applications that will help you follow a diet or regimen.


Your heart rate is in your control. All day.

Apple Watch Series 3 measures the frequency of contractions of your heart throughout the day – at rest, while walking and after exercising. If you didn’t have any physical activity for 10 minutes, and your heart rate unexpectedly exceeded a predetermined level, the Pulse application will immediately inform you about it.

Appendix “Health”. All about your well-being.

The Health app stores information collected by all your health and fitness apps so you can see the full picture. You can customize the summary data, view information separately for each indicator and study the dynamics. And also receive information about heart activity, collected through the application “Pulse”.

Daily assistant
Go over business. Straight from the wrist.



Calls and messages
All you need to communicate.



Siri on Apple Watch
Smarter, faster. And even speaks.



For different moods. With different settings.


Applications and notifications
In the course of the important.


Daily Assistant

Answer the call from your watch. Ask Siri to include your favorite song. Get directions to the restaurant where you agreed to meet. If you wear an Apple Watch Series 3, you can more quickly cope with daily tasks – right from your wrist.

Calls and messages. Everything you need to communicate.

Siri on Apple Watch. Smarter, faster. And even speaks.

Completely spinning with the affairs? You can send a message directly from the clock. Answer a call, dial a phone number, or make a FaceTime call using on-screen keys. And even listen to the messages on the answering machine. And thanks to the SOS function, you can quickly call for help in an emergency. Ask Siri to create a reminder. Find the answer to the right question. Start a workout. Or even just chat with you. Anything you want to know, Siri will tell you – through the clock speaker or wireless headphones.


For different moods. With different settings.

Adjust the dial so that it shows important information for you. Or your favorite photo. Or the most necessary applications. In this case, the dial can be quickly changed by brushing it from edge to edge. For example, start the day with the Siri smart dial, which constantly offers up-to-date information. And when the time comes to take the children out of school, change it to the dial “Toy Story”.


In the course of important

Apple Watch Series 3 informs you about important events, allows you to stay in touch and help you do business during the day. Thanks to a more powerful dual-core processor, all applications open twice as fast. And if the application is in the Dock panel, then the information in it is updated automatically.

Find friends. An application that will help you know where your friends are at the moment. And they can see where you are.

Apple Pay. Double-click the bottom side button, and you can pay at the store or app directly from the watch. This is an incredibly safe technology.

Cards. In different series of light touches you will understand where to turn. Therefore, you can move on without even looking at your watch.


Meduza – the news of the day. An incredibly convenient way to learn about what is happening in the country and the world. The clock comes announcements of the most important news. And the full versions of these articles and other texts can be read on the iPhone.


Reminders. Create a reminder, and it will appear on the screen depending on the specified time or place. Have appeared? Tap the Finished button. Or postpone it by clicking the “Later” button.


Post office. As soon as you receive an email, you will immediately see the sender and subject. Tap the dial once to open the entire letter. Then you can dictate and send your answer.


  • General characteristics

    • Series
      Apple Watch Series 3
    • For whom
    • operating system
      Watch OS
    • OS compatibility
      Apple iOS
    • CPU
      Dual Core Apple W2
    • Built-in memory size
      8 GB
  • physical characteristics

    • Watch form
    • Body material
    • Strap material
  • Display

    • Display type
    • Display diagonal
      1.32 “
    • Display resolution
      340 x 272
    • Touchscreen
  • Exploitation

    • Strap length adjustment
    • Replaceable strap
    • Moisture and dust protection
  • Functionality

    • Phone calls
      Using phone or tablet
    • Monitoring
      Calories, Heart Rate, Physical Activity
    • GPS support
    • Sensors
      Barometric altimeter; Cardiac activity sensor; Accelerometer; Gyroscope; Pulsometer; Pedometer
  • Autonomy

    • Battery type
  • Dimensions and equipment

    • Dimensions
      38.6 x 33.3 x 11.4 mm
    • Weight
      26.7 g
    • Equipment
      Housing; Sports strap; Charging cable with magnetic mount (1 m); 5W USB power adapter
    • Features
      Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters according to ISO 22810: 2010; WatchOS 4; Ion-X glass of high strength; Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz); Bluetooth 4.2; Up to 18 hours of battery life; Display: OLED Retina with Force Touch technology

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